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18-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Raped and Murdered in Mumbai Hostel, Suspect Found Dead

June 07, 2023:

In a horrifying turn of events, a young 18-year-old girl was reportedly raped and murdered in a hostel located in south Mumbai. Adding to the tragedy, a security guard from the same hostel was later discovered deceased near the railway tracks adjacent to the facility.

Authorities were alerted at 5 pm on Tuesday when the girl was reported missing and untraceable. Upon reaching her fourth-floor room at the Charni Road hostel, it was found locked from the outside. Law enforcement officials had to forcibly enter the premises, where they made the gruesome discovery of the young girl's lifeless body.

According to preliminary investigations, it appears that the victim was strangled using a piece of cloth. Forensic experts meticulously examined the room for potential evidence, while fingerprint specialists initiated an in-depth probe into the incident. They have identified the hostel's security guard as the primary suspect in the case. Tragically, the guard's lifeless body was discovered on Tuesday morning near the Charni Road station on the railway tracks.

It is worth noting that the student's cousin had filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the hostel security guard, establishing a legal basis for further investigation. The police are actively pursuing leads and delving deeper into the case to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime.


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