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Adipurush Movie Review: A Grand-Scale Yet Flawed Adaptation of Ramayana

Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, is a Bollywood adaptation of the epic tale of Ramayana. While the film offers a visual spectacle with its CGI armies and grand scale, it falls short in terms of execution and storytelling.

prabhas in adipurush as rama

The movie tries to blend elements from popular franchises like Avengers, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones, but ends up feeling like a messy mishmash. The CGI and VFX are passable, but they lack depth and fail to create a truly immersive experience. The intentionally funny dialogues also feel out of place in a sensitive and mythological story, leaving the audience questioning their relevance.

The narrative of Adipurush jumps straight into the action without taking the time to build the characters or provide a proper setup. The first half of the film feels slow and dragged, failing to engage the audience or create anticipation for what's to come. It's only in the second half, when the protagonist Raghav (played by Prabhas) lays the foundation for Ram Setu and heads to Lanka with his army, that the pace picks up. The highlight of the film is the CGI armies fighting each other, which is visually impressive and sure to evoke mixed reactions.

Despite its grand scale, Adipurush fails to add depth to its characters and often resorts to cartoonish representations. Prabhas' portrayal of Lord Ram feels wooden and lacks variation in expressions. Kriti Sanon delivers a decent performance as Sita, bringing charm to the screen, while Saif Ali Khan stands out as the saving grace with his portrayal of Ravan, evoking emotions and expressions each time he appears.

The music composed by Ajay-Atul and Sachet–Parampara stands out as the heart of the film, with tracks like "Jai Shri Ram" and "Ram Siya Ram" creating a goosebump-inducing experience. The visual spectacle of the film is enhanced by the track "Shivoham," featuring Ravan playing a musical instrument in his den.

Overall, Adipurush is an audacious project with a massive budget, but it falls short in terms of storytelling and character development. It may appeal to audiences looking for a grand-scale cinematic experience, especially in 3D, but it fails to capture the essence of the original epic tale. Despite the shortcomings, the film offers some entertainment value and can be enjoyed for its visual spectacle, even though the main actors feel one-dimensional.


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