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Armed Rioters in Manipur Clash with Security Forces in Kangpokpi District

Date: June 29, 2023: In a recent incident in Manipur's Kangpokpi district, armed rioters opened fire on security forces as they were enroute to a village following reports of unprovoked firing. The Indian Army's Spear Corps reported that the troops responded to the attack in a calibrated manner to avoid any collateral damage.

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According to the army spokesperson, the soldiers were heading towards Haraothel village to prevent further escalation of violence after armed rioters conducted unprovoked firing at 5:30am on Thursday. While enroute, the troops encountered effective fire from the armed rioters. In response, the security forces acted swiftly to prevent any collateral damage and successfully ceased the firing. Additional troops were dispatched to the area.

The clash comes amidst ethnic clashes in Manipur that have resulted in numerous casualties and displacements. The violence erupted on May 3 in Churachandpur town following protests by tribal Kuki groups against a proposed court-ordered change to the state's reservation matrix. The clashes have deepened ethnic fault lines, leading to the displacement of thousands of people who have sought refuge in jungles and across state borders.

Additionally, mobs have looted approximately 3,500 weapons over the past month, further escalating the security situation. Security forces are facing challenges not only from armed rioters but also from mobs led by women who obstruct their work.


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