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Indian Army's Video Proves Women Protesters Assisting Armed Rioters in Manipur: Watch Video Here

Date: June 27, 2023: The Indian Army made a statement on Monday, asserting that women protesters in Manipur have been actively supporting and aiding "armed rioters," impeding the operations of security forces in the state.

In a video released by the Spear Corps titled "Demystifying Myth of Peaceful Blockade Led by Women in Manipur," a significant gathering of women can be seen surrounding personnel in Itham on Saturday. The video claims that this incident exemplifies women "facilitating the escape of rioters." It showcases footage of heavy machinery excavating a section of a road, with a considerable number of women present, indicating that it was an attempt to disrupt access to an Assam Rifles base.

manipur violence video

The video also includes footage from June 23 in Yaingangpokpi, Imphal East, where incidents of gunfire occurred. The visuals display two open vans carrying numerous women accompanying certain vehicles, which the Army alleges were transporting armed rioters. Additionally, there is another clip from June 13, depicting a large group of individuals obstructing a road.

The statement from the Army emphasizes that blocking the movement of security forces is both unlawful and obstructive to their endeavors to restore law and order. It appeals to all segments of society to cooperate with the tireless efforts of the security forces in bringing peace and stability to Manipur.

These assertions by the Indian Army follow an incident two days ago when 12 members of the banned insurgent group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup were apprehended during an operation in Imphal East but were later released due to a standoff with a mob led by women.

Watch Video here:


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