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Belarus President Lukashenko Hospitalized in Critical Condition after Meeting Putin

Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko has been admitted to a hospital in Moscow in critical condition following his meeting with Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, according to the Daily Express. Valery Tsepkalo, a former candidate for the Belarusian presidency and opponent of Lukashenko, shared unconfirmed reports stating that Lukashenko was urgently transported to Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital. Tsepkalo also mentioned that Lukashenko remains under medical care and leading specialists are assessing his critical condition, which required blood purification procedures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander
Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander

Speculations about Lukashenko's health have been circulating for some time. Although he appeared at Moscow's festivities on May 9, he left early and was later seen struggling to speak and wearing a bandage on his arm, further fueling concerns. The Belarusian government has remained silent regarding the president's health, leading to conspiracy theories suggesting possible poisoning by Russian secret services.

This development comes after Lukashenko confirmed the movement of tactical nuclear warheads from Russia to Belarus, marking the first deployment of such weapons outside of Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia's deployment of shorter-range weapons in Belarus has been seen as a warning to the West amid increased military support for Ukraine.

While Lukashenko dismissed rumors about his health, stating that he had been suffering from a common cold virus, the lack of official information has intensified speculation about potential Kremlin involvement in his illness.


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