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Big Development: CBI Registers Case in Connection with Balasore Train Accident

June 06, 2023 - The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken over the investigation into the train mishap that occurred at Bahanaga in Balasore on Friday evening. The CBI registered a case on Tuesday following a request from the Ministry of Railways, consent from the Odisha Government, and directives from the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT).

Train derailed

The incident took place on June 2, 2023, involving the Coromandel Express, Yashwantpur-Howrah Express, and a goods train at Bahanaga Bazar. The CBI team, consisting of 10 members and accompanied by Central Forensic experts, arrived in Balasore and visited the Bahanaga station to initiate the investigation. They examined the main line, loop line, and the signal room, where they held discussions with officials.

According to Khordha Road Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Rinkesh Ray, there are suspicions of "physical tampering" in relation to the accident. He stated that the signal was green on the main line, indicating that all necessary conditions were met for the signal to turn green. However, data records revealed that the Coromandel Express moved to the loop line despite the green signal, suggesting potential tampering with the signal system.

The CBI has begun its investigation into the train accident, and inquiries are ongoing. The case was previously registered at the Balasore Government Railway Police Station (GRPS) in Cuttack before being transferred to the CBI. Meanwhile, the families of the victims affected by the tragedy continue to seek the bodies of their loved ones, and DNA testing has commenced at AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

The train mishap in Balasore has raised concerns and questions, with efforts now focused on determining the cause of the accident. The CBI's involvement signifies a crucial step in the investigation, aiming to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident.

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