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Viral Video: Brave RPF Lady Constable's Heroic Act Averts Tragedy

June 10, 2023:

In a world where acts of courage and selflessness often go unnoticed, there are shining examples that restore our faith in humanity. Recently, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) India shared a gripping video on their Twitter account, capturing a breathtaking moment at Purwa Medinipur railway station.

The video showcases the extraordinary bravery of RPF Lady Constable K. Sumathi, who fearlessly stepped in to save a person's life just moments before a speeding train passed by. This remarkable footage serves as a reminder of the incredible acts of heroism that can occur in our everyday lives.

The Incident:

The video, shared by RPF India on their Twitter account, documents a heart-stopping moment that unfolded at Purwa Medinipur railway station. As the train approached, a person made a desperate attempt to end his life by placing his head on the tracks. Little did he know that fate had a different plan in store for him.

In the midst of this life-threatening situation, RPF Lady Constable K. Sumathi, who was on duty at the station, displayed extraordinary bravery and presence of mind. Realizing the imminent danger, she sprang into action, sprinting towards the person on the tracks.

In the video, we witness the heart-pounding moment as Constable Sumathi reaches the person just in the nick of time, grabbing him and pulling him away from the tracks. The train hurtles past mere seconds later, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the life-altering consequences that were avoided by her heroic act.

The video shared by RPF India, capturing the heroic act of RPF Lady Constable K. Sumathi at Purwa Medinipur railway station, is a testament to the remarkable acts of bravery that can unfold in our midst. It reminds us that even in the face of darkness, there are individuals who step up to bring light and hope into the world.


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