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Centre Withdraws DNA Technology Bill from Lok Sabha

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In a recent development, the Indian government has withdrawn the DNA Technology Bill, previously passed by the Lok Sabha in 2019, after it failed to pass in the Rajya Sabha. The Bill primarily focused on the use of technology in criminal proceedings but had been originally drafted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The key provisions of the Bill allowed the government to establish a DNA data bank to aid in solving crimes, tracing missing persons, and identifying deceased individuals. It outlined the collection of DNA samples from convicts, undertrials, victims, and relatives of missing persons, which would then be stored in a centralized data bank accessible to various agencies. Additionally, the Bill proposed the creation of a regulatory board to oversee the functioning of DNA banks and laboratories.

An official familiar with the matter explained, "The reason for the withdrawal of the Bill is that it primarily dealt with criminal proceedings, but it was initially drafted by the Science Ministry. It was subsequently decided that the Home Ministry should take the lead on this matter."

It is worth noting that although the Bill had successfully passed in the Lok Sabha in 2019, it faced obstacles and did not receive approval in the Rajya Sabha.


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