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Cyclone Biparjoy Causes Devastating Flooding in Rajasthan, Displacing Thousands

June 20, 2023: As cyclone Biparjoy ravaged through Rajasthan, approximately 17,000 individuals residing in the affected districts were relocated to safer areas, with numerous regions succumbing to extensive flooding.


Resulting from the impact of cyclone Biparjoy, Rajasthan has been plagued by heavy rainfall, disrupting normal life and tragically claiming the lives of at least eight individuals in rain-related incidents. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot conducted an aerial survey on Tuesday, assessing the flood-like situation in Jalore, Sirohi, and Barmer districts, among the five districts grappling with the continuous downpour as the cyclone gradually weakens.

Aerial images vividly depict the submerged landscapes and inundated areas in Sanchore, Rajasthan, following the torrential rainfall brought about by cyclone Biparjoy.

The incessant downpour, ranging from "heavy" to "extremely heavy" in multiple districts, prompted authorities to intensify rescue operations in an effort to minimize the loss of life and property amidst the adverse weather conditions. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Ajmer, Bhilwara, Dholpur, Baran, Chittorgarh, Bundi, Sawaimadhopur, and Karauli districts experienced rainfall ranging from "heavy" to "very heavy" over the past 24 hours leading up to Tuesday morning.

Furthermore, waterlogging was observed in certain areas of Dholpur and Ajmer, with the Ana Sagar lake in Ajmer overflowing due to the relentless precipitation, causing the surrounding regions to be submerged.

Chief Minister Gehlot, while inspecting the situation, disclosed that several low-lying areas were submerged in floodwaters due to the escalating rainfall. He stated that approximately 15,000 to 17,000 people residing in the affected districts have been relocated to safer locations. Additionally, Gehlot reported significant damage, including the destruction of around 2,000 power transformers and numerous roads.

The heavy rains have also resulted in the uprooting of numerous electric poles, posing challenges to the electricity supply. Gehlot reassured that the district administration is assessing the damages incurred by livestock and houses according to the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) guidelines, with appropriate compensation to be provided to the affected individuals. As a precautionary measure, two columns of the Army were deployed, alongside 17 teams from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and 8 teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) engaged in relief and rescue operations. Gehlot is scheduled to visit Pali and Jodhpur districts on Wednesday to assess the current situation.

Although cyclone Biparjoy, the third cyclone to hit Gujarat in nearly six decades, made landfall as a "very severe cyclonic storm" on Thursday evening, it transitioned into a "deep depression" upon reaching Rajasthan, resulting in heavy rainfall across the desert state. The Meteorological Department stated that a low-pressure area has now formed over northeastern Rajasthan and adjacent parts of Uttar Pradesh. While a temporary respite is anticipated, with a slowdown in heavy rainfall from Wednesday onwards, meteorological officials warned that eastern Rajasthan is likely to experience a renewed surge in rain activities between June 24 and 25.

The cyclone's impact led to the disruption of rail traffic, compelling the cancellation of several trains in Rajasthan. Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnav reported that tracks were damaged at five locations in the state. Consequently, the North Western Railway announced the cancellation of trains, including the Jodhpur-Bhildi Express (04841), the Bhildi-Jodhpur Express (04842), the Jodhpur-Palanpur Express (14893) on Tuesday, and the Palanpur-Jodhpur Express (14894) on


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