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Devastating Train Accident: How Did Three Trains Collide in Odisha?

New Delhi, June 3, 2023 - A devastating three-train collision in Odisha's Balasore yesterday evening has claimed the lives of at least 238 people, leaving over 900 injured. The horrifying incident occurred when the Coromandel Shalimar Express, a passenger train en route to Chennai, derailed and collided with a goods train. Subsequently, the Yesvantpur-Howrah Superfast train crashed into the derailed coaches. Rescue operations have been underway throughout the night, with efforts to extract survivors and recover bodies from the wreckage.

Balasore Train Accident

The scale of the tragedy unfolded rapidly between 6:50 pm and 7:10 pm, catching many passengers off guard, as a significant number of them were sleeping. Witnesses and officials have expressed shock at how swiftly the catastrophic event unfolded, as coaches were overturned and tracks were left mangled.

Amitabh Sharma, executive director of Indian Railways, confirmed that two passenger trains were actively involved in the accident, while a parked goods train also became entangled in the collision. As the investigation commences, questions have been raised about potential operational failures that may have contributed to the incident.

The death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are discovered, and it is feared that individuals may still be trapped within the wreckage. Visuals from the crash site depict the grim scene of twisted train tracks and shattered train coaches.

The Railways have ordered an immediate inquiry to determine the exact cause of the tragedy. Meanwhile, the Indian Army has been deployed to assist in the evacuation and treatment of survivors.

This devastating train collision in Odisha stands as one of India's worst rail accidents, prompting nationwide mourning and raising concerns about railway safety and infrastructure.


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