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Dutch YouTuber Assaulted by Shopkeeper in Bengaluru; Accused Arrested After Outrage Sparks

In a distressing incident that occurred in Bengaluru, a Dutch YouTuber was subjected to harassment and assault by a local shopkeeper near the Chickpet market area on Sunday. The entire incident was captured on camera while the YouTuber, Pedro Mota, was live-streaming a video for his YouTube channel, Madly Rover.

Pedro Mota with Street Vendor in Bangalore

In a swift response to the incident gaining viral attention, the Bengaluru City Police took immediate action. The shopkeeper who engaged in the altercation with the Dutch national was arrested on Monday afternoon. The police have assured that stringent action will be taken against him.

Pedro uploaded the video on his YouTube channel and described the harrowing experience, saying, "Foreigner traveling in India experiences the thieves market in Bangalore, also known as the Sunday market or chor bazaar. But exploring the area started out on the wrong foot as an angry man attacked me by grabbing and twisting my hand and arm, lunging after me as I tried to escape. After I had some street food, met great local Indian people and haggled for a new buttoned shirt."

Video footage reveals the shopkeeper's unruly behavior

In the video shared by Pedro Mota on YouTube, he can be seen walking in the market area when he encountered a man who appeared to be a Muslim shopkeeper. As soon as the shopkeeper noticed Pedro recording a video, he grabbed hold of his hand and questioned his motive for filming.

A fortunate escape for the YouTuber

In an attempt to free himself from the shopkeeper's grip, Pedro greeted him with a "Namaskar" while trying to loosen the hold. However, the shopkeeper responded disdainfully, asking, "What Namaskar?" He then tried to push the YouTuber and made an attempt to snatch his camera. Fortunately, Pedro managed to break free from the shopkeeper's grasp and fled the scene.

Bengaluru Police's response to the viral video

As clips from Pedro's YouTube video depicting the harassment gained attention on the internet, the Bengaluru Police took notice of a complaint filed by a Twitter user. They confirmed that necessary action would be taken in response to the incident.

"Bengaluru City Police has informed the concerned police station to take appropriate action in this matter," stated a tweet by the Bengaluru Police.


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