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European Space Agency Sends Mysterious 'Alien Message' to Earth: Can You Crack the Code?

Date: June 1, 2023

alien message from space

The European Space Agency (ESA) has initiated the "A Sign in Space" project, transmitting a mock alien message from its Mars-orbiting spacecraft. The aim is to decode and interpret the message, preparing for potential contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Led by SETI artist Daniela de Paulis, the project fosters a global collaboration between researchers, artists, and the public. It encourages diverse perspectives in the decoding process, seeking to understand the implications of receiving communication from extraterrestrial sources.

On May 25, the ExoMars Orbiter transmitted the encoded message, which was received by radio astronomy observatories worldwide, including SETI's Allen Telescope Array, the Green Bank Telescope, and the Medicina Radio Astronomical Station. Teams are currently processing the signal for public decoding.

This initiative goes beyond code-cracking, prompting individuals to reflect on their emotional response to contact with extraterrestrial life and how humanity should respond. Submissions of scientific data, thoughts, sketches, and ideas are encouraged for interpretation of the message.

Contributions will be shared on the project's website and social media channels. A dedicated Discord server facilitates collaboration among participants.

The "A Sign in Space" project simulates potential communication from an advanced alien civilization, acknowledging the diverse interpretations such signals may have. ESA aims to foster a vibrant community of curious minds, unravel the mysteries within the simulated alien communication, and explore the cultural and philosophical dimensions of such contact.

By engaging in this exploration of the unknown, the project encourages participants to expand their understanding of the universe and contemplate existential questions.

ESA recognizes that space exploration encompasses more than just science and technology—it also involves society, culture, and our fundamental beliefs. Initiatives like "A Sign in Space" contribute to ESA's broader mission by fostering collaborative approaches to space exploration and enriching our understanding of the cosmos.


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