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Union Minister's House Set on Fire by Thousand-Strong Mob in Manipur

Union minister house set on fire in Manipur

Imphal, Manipur ,June 16, 2023: In a disturbing turn of events, a mob consisting of over 1,000 individuals targeted and set ablaze the residence of Union Minister RK Ranjan Singh. The incident occurred last night, despite the imposition of a curfew in Imphal. Fortunately, the minister was not present at home during the attack, according to officials.

Security personnel at the scene described the harrowing situation, stating that the mob launched a barrage of petrol bombs from various directions, making it extremely challenging to control the situation. The sheer magnitude of the mob, estimated to be around 1,200 people, overwhelmed the security forces present.

This is not the first instance of the minister's house being targeted. Previously, during a similar attack in May, security personnel resorted to firing warning shots into the air to disperse the mob.

The ongoing clashes in Manipur originated from a 'Tribal Solidarity March' organized on May 3 by the hill districts, protesting against the demand of the Meitei community for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. The violence escalated further due to underlying tensions surrounding the eviction of Kuki villagers from reserve forest land, leading to a series of smaller agitations.

Manipur, with its majority Meitei community followed by Nagas and Kukis, has been grappling with these communal clashes, resulting in the loss of more than 100 lives since the beginning of May. In an effort to restore peace, Union Minister RK Ranjan Singh previously held a meeting with intellectuals from the Meitei and Kuki communities to seek resolutions. He also penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging the identification and condemnation of local politicians believed to be instigating the unrest.

The situation in Manipur remains tense, and security forces continue their efforts to restore order and bring an end to the violence that has ravaged the state.


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