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Fresh Violence Erupts in Manipur: Mob Clashes with RAF in Imphal, Escalating Tensions

June 16, 2023:

Imphal was thrown into chaos on Friday evening as a riotous mob clashed with Manipur's Rapid Action Force after setting a warehouse ablaze. Fearing further acts of destruction, the police resorted to tear gas shells to disperse the mob.

mob burning property

Officials confirmed that the riot took place near the Imphal palace grounds. Swift action was taken by fire personnel and security forces who promptly arrived at the scene, successfully containing the warehouse fire and preventing it from spreading to nearby residences.

The targeted warehouse was the property of a retired high-profile IAS officer from the tribal community. In a separate incident that occurred the previous night, a mob vandalized the house of Union Minister of State for External Affairs R K Ranjan Singh in Imphal town, making an unsuccessful attempt to set it on fire.

These recent events follow the burning of two houses and clashes between Manipur's Rapid Action Force and a mob in the heart of Imphal town on Thursday afternoon. The situation remains tense as authorities continue to grapple with restoring peace and order to the area.


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