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Hong Kong Police Detain Activists on Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary

Date: June,04, 2023

In a tense turn of events on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Hong Kong police have detained several pro-democracy activists. Authorities had banned public commemoration of the 1989 incident, which saw China suppress peaceful protests in Beijing through the use of tanks and troops.

Alexandra Wong being arrested by Hong Kong police
Alexandra Wong being arrested by Hong Kong police (Pic:HKFP)

Among those detained was Alexandra Wong, a 67-year-old prominent campaigner known as "Grandma Wong." She was arrested while carrying flowers near Victoria Park, where candlelight vigils have been held for decades. Chan Po Ying, the leader of a main opposition party, and Mak Yin Ting, former head of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, were also detained and subsequently released.

Hong Kong, once the only Chinese city where these commemorations were allowed, has seen public events banned following the enforcement of a strict national security law in 2020. The law outlaws many forms of dissent and has resulted in the prohibition of annual commemorations since 2019.

In response to the ban, global candlelight vigils have taken place in various cities, serving as a symbol of remembrance and solidarity with the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre. However, in Hong Kong, thousands of police officers have been deployed, conducting searches and questioning individuals at key sites. The government has even removed books on the Tiananmen crackdown from public libraries.

The detainment of activists on this significant anniversary highlights the ongoing struggle for democracy and freedom of expression in Hong Kong. It serves as a reminder of the restrictions faced by those seeking to commemorate the tragic events of 1989 and their continued fight for justice and political freedoms.


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