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IndiGo Flight Bound for Dubai Experiences Bird Hit at Mangaluru International Airport

MANGALURU, 25, May 2023: In a morning incident at Mangaluru International Airport, a Dubai-bound IndiGo flight carrying 160 passengers encountered a bird strike as it made its way onto the runway from the taxiway.

According to a press release issued by the spokesperson of the Mangaluru International Airport, flight 6E 1467, scheduled for departure to Dubai at 8.25 am, suffered a bird hit as it entered the runway from the taxiway. The pilot promptly notified air traffic control, leading to the aircraft returning to the apron at 8.30 am.

As a precautionary measure, all passengers were safely disembarked, and the aircraft was classified as an aircraft on the ground (AOG) for a comprehensive engineering inspection.

To ensure the passengers' smooth travel experience, alternate arrangements were made by IndiGo. The 160 affected passengers were later accommodated on another IndiGo aircraft that had arrived from Bengaluru. The rescheduled flight to Dubai eventually departed at 11.05 am.

Additionally, IndiGo arranged alternate travel accommodations for the 165 passengers who had been scheduled to fly to Bengaluru on flight 6E 5347.

The incident highlights the importance of safety protocols and the swift response by the pilot and air traffic control, ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved.


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