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Mizoram Urges Calm as Meiteis Flee Amidst Unrest in Manipur

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As violence continues to plague neighboring Manipur, a growing number of Meiteis living in Mizoram have been fleeing the state, prompting the Mizoram government to address the situation and dispel rumors. The Mizoram government has assured the Meitei community that they are safe within the state despite the unrest in Manipur.

The unrest in Manipur has led to reports of discomfort among the Meiteis residing in Mizoram, and some have chosen to leave the state, seeking refuge elsewhere. The opposition, including figures like Kapil Sibal, has called for the resignation of Manipur's Chief Minister N Biren Singh in response to the escalating situation.

The situation escalated when an organization of former militants, the Peace Accord MNF Returnees' Association (PAMRA), issued a statement advising Meiteis from Manipur to exercise caution while in Mizoram due to the ongoing violence in Manipur. According to PAMRA, it is no longer safe for Meiteis from Manipur to reside in Mizoram given the recent violent incidents committed by miscreants in Manipur.

This warning triggered an exodus of Meitei community members from Mizoram, with at least 69 Meiteis taking flights from Aizawl's Lengpui Airport to Imphal.

Mizoram is home to a significant Meitei population, most of whom originally hail from Manipur, with some also from South Assam. The tension between the Meiteis and the Kukis over the demand for Scheduled Tribe status for the Meiteis has further contributed to the situation.

In addition to the unrest, a disturbing incident occurred on May 4, where two Kuki women were raped and murdered in Manipur. The incident came to light through a viral video that showed two women from the Kuki community being paraded naked on July 18-19, igniting national outrage.

Civil rights activist Irom Sharmila, who had been on a hunger strike for 16 years demanding the repeal of the AFSPA in Manipur, expressed deep sorrow upon watching the viral video. She questioned the silence of Prime Minister Modi and criticized the state government in Manipur for failing to control the situation. Sharmila also highlighted the ban on internet access in the region, arguing that it hindered the victims' quest for justice and the apprehension of the culprits.

Amid the escalating crisis in Manipur and the resulting impact on Meiteis in Mizoram, the situation remains sensitive, with calls for a proactive approach from the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of all communities involved.


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