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Motivated by the triumph in Karnataka, Priyanka Gandhi announces 5 guarantees for Madhya Pradesh

JABALPUR, June 13, 2023: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the general secretary of the Congress party, initiated the election campaign for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh assembly polls scheduled for later this year. During the campaign launch in Jabalpur district, she addressed a public gathering and presented five guarantees for the people of the state.

priyanka gandhi in election campaign at mp

Regarding the guarantees, Gandhi stated, "Every woman in the state will receive a monthly aid of Rs 1500, each household will be provided an LPG gas cylinder at Rs 500, 100 units of electricity will be free, and an additional 200 units will be available at half price. Furthermore, we will waive the loans of farmers and implement the old pension scheme in the state."

She added, "We have come to the banks of Maa Narmada, and we will not deceive you."

Taking aim at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Gandhi remarked, "The BJP comes here and makes promises but fails to fulfill them. They speak about double engine and triple engine. They made similar claims in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, but the public has shown them that they should cease talking and start working."

"We have fulfilled the promises made by our party in Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh. Just look at the condition of the Congress-ruled states, and you (the public) will realize. When the Congress government came to power in Madhya Pradesh, significant work and development were accomplished," she emphasized.

In the previous assembly polls, the Congress government gained power, but the BJP undermined it through horse trading and formed their own government. The mandate is being undermined through the influence of money, Priyanka Gandhi asserted.

"There are numerous scams taking place in Madhya Pradesh. The list of scams here is longer than the one presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about abuses. Even in the construction of the Mahakal Lok corridor in Ujjain, a scam has taken place. The BJP has committed 225 scams during their 220 months of rule in the state," the Congress leader added.

Additionally, she took a dig at Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, questioning why he recently made announcements for women (referring to the announcement about increasing the monthly aid of Ladli Bahna Yojana) when elections are on the horizon. "He has been the Chief Minister for so many years, so why now?" she inquired.

"There is rampant inflation in the state. LPG cylinders, diesel, and petrol have become expensive. It is shameful that only 21 government jobs have been created in the last three years. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is a proclaimer (Ghoshnaveer); he has made 22,000 announcements during his 18-year rule," she alleged.

Furthermore, she highlighted that during the Karnataka election, five guarantees were given, and after the government was formed, all five guarantees were fulfilled through the cabinet.


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