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Navigating Complexity: The Importance of Thoughtful Engagement with India's Uniform Civil Code

uniform civil code

The issue of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India is one that requires careful deliberation and nuanced discussion. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi's emphasis on the UCC is understandable given it is a part of his party's manifesto, it is crucial to recognize the complexity and sensitivity surrounding this issue. The UCC touches the lives of all citizens and raises concerns of gender equality and justice, making it a matter that goes beyond political gains and requires thorough engagement with various stakeholders.

Although Hindutva politics and resistance from conservative Muslim leaders have brought the UCC into the political forefront, it affects not only Muslims but also the Hindu majority, minority communities, and tribal groups. It is imperative to address concerns of homogenization versus the preservation of plurality, giving due attention to reforming personal laws rather than imposing a rigid uniformity.

Implementing the UCC is a challenging task that warrants careful consideration and is influenced by the pull and tug of various interests. While the Constitution includes a mention of the UCC in the Directive Principles of State Policy, it remains legally unenforceable. The 21st Law Commission deemed a UCC unnecessary at the present stage, but the 22nd Law Commission has opened a limited consultation window for stakeholders. However, the discourse surrounding the UCC should not be confined to short-term political motives, as it requires disentanglement from the electoral cycle to avoid further division instead of resolution.

Given the intricacies and contradictions involved, the UCC demands a broader deliberative space, where diverse perspectives can be heard, and nuanced solutions can be explored. It is essential to approach this matter with patience, sensitivity, and a genuine commitment to gender equality and justice, steering away from the polarized political environment that could hinder its potential for meaningful progress.


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