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New Cyberattack Targets School Students in India, Beware of Impersonating Calls and Messages

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A new form of cyberattack has emerged, targeting school students across India. The Indian Army issued a press release stating that Pakistani Intelligence Operatives (PIO) have been making calls and sending WhatsApp messages to students since yesterday. The phone numbers used for these calls are 8617321715 and 9622262167. The attackers are posing as school teachers and using familiar references to gain the children's trust.

The cyberattack involves tricking students into sharing sensitive information, such as One Time Passwords (OTPs), to join supposed WhatsApp groups, which are presented as new class groups. In the process, the students are also questioned about their personal details, including their father's job, school routines, timings, uniforms, and teachers' names. This elaborate approach aims to make the deception more convincing.

Authorities have advised schools and colleges to raise awareness among both teachers and students about this threat. In case of necessity, existing groups should be dissolved or deleted, and new ones should be created to ensure safety.

It's important to note that the list of numbers used in these attacks is not exhaustive, and the attackers may utilize new numbers and change their tactics. Staying vigilant and informed is crucial to safeguard oneself and loved ones from this novel cyberattack.


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