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Outrage as Video of Female Foreign Tourist Being Groped in Jaipur Goes Viral

man harassing traveller

Jaipur, Rajasthan: A disturbing video capturing a man inappropriately touching a female foreign tourist in Jaipur has been circulating widely on social media, triggering a strong reaction from Swati Maliwal, the Chief of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW). The incident occurred in the Sindhi Camp area of Jaipur, although the exact date and time are yet to be confirmed.

The video depicts the female tourist accompanied by a male partner and a local man who repeatedly gropes her. Despite her attempts to push him away, the woman can be heard using polite phrases such as "lovely" and "thank you" to try to deflect the harasser. The man, seemingly in his 40s, responds with the words "it is my pleasure" before placing his hand on the woman's shoulder and grabbing her other arm. At one point, he briefly touches the side of the woman's breast, visibly discomforting her.

The video has sparked outrage online, with users expressing their frustration and calling for action. One Reddit user commented, "And yet parents always turn off the TV with lightning reflexes when period pads or condom ads show up." Another user stated, "If it were me, I would kill this man just to make a statement that it's not okay to harass people."

DCW Chief Swati Maliwal has reached out to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the Rajasthan police, urging them to take action against the perpetrator. Sharing the video on Twitter, Maliwal expressed her dismay, stating, "Just came across this video where this man can be seen inappropriately touching a foreign tourist. It is very shameful. Tagging Ashok Gehlot and Rajasthan Police for action. These incidents are bringing a bad name to the nation!"

Since the video was shared, numerous Twitter users have voiced their disgust and demanded strong action against the culprits. One user wrote, "Disgusting behavior. Strong action should be taken against these men." Another user emphasized the need to "show some respect to women."


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