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Parliamentary Committee to Discuss UCC with Law Commission and Law Ministry


New Delhi, June 30, 2023: In a significant development, the parliamentary standing committee on law and personnel has called upon representatives from the Law Commission of India and the law ministry to appear before it on July 3. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the recent notice issued by the Law Commission regarding the uniform civil code.

The standing committee, responsible for examining legislative proposals and matters related to the law and justice, has scheduled the meeting to hear the views of the representatives from the law panel, as well as the legal affairs and legislative departments of the law ministry. The focus of the discussion will be the public notice issued by the Law Commission on June 14, 2023, which invited views from various stakeholders on the Uniform Civil Code under the subject of "Review of Personal Laws."

The Uniform Civil Code is a contentious issue that aims to provide a common set of laws for personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption, irrespective of an individual's religion or faith. The concept has been a subject of debate in India for several years, with proponents arguing for a uniform set of laws to promote equality and secularism, while opponents express concerns over potential encroachments on religious and cultural practices.

The Law Commission's public notice seeking views on the Uniform Civil Code has garnered significant attention and participation from the public. As of Tuesday evening, the law panel reported receiving nearly 8.5 lakh responses, indicating the widespread interest and engagement in the topic.

The parliamentary standing committee meeting on July 3 will provide a platform for in-depth discussions and deliberations on the various perspectives and concerns surrounding the implementation of a uniform civil code. It is expected to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the issue and guide future policy decisions.

The outcome of the meeting and the subsequent actions taken by the committee will play a crucial role in shaping the discourse around the Uniform Civil Code and its potential implementation in India.


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