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Passenger Crushed to Death by Driver for Praising PM Modi and CM Yogi in UP

Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, June 14, 2023: A political discussion inside a vehicle took a tragic turn when the driver, identified as Amjad from Chanbey, allegedly pushed a passenger out of the vehicle and crushed him to death. The incident occurred on Monday near Mahokhar in Mirzapur district. Police sources confirmed the arrest of the driver on Tuesday.

The victim, Rajesh Dhar Dubey, was returning home after attending a wedding ceremony when the incident unfolded. According to police sources, Rajesh Dhar and other passengers engaged in a heated political debate during their journey. While Rajesh expressed admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the driver vehemently criticized them, using objectionable language.

Enraged by Rajesh's praise for Modi and Yogi, the driver reportedly pushed him out of the vehicle. Rajesh desperately clung to the side mirror of the vehicle but was unable to hold on as the driver accelerated and trapped him under the vehicle, resulting in his tragic death.

The incident sparked outrage among the local community, leading to a protest where angry locals blocked traffic on the Prayagraj-Mirzapur state highway.

After initially fleeing the scene, the driver, Amjad, was later apprehended in his native village. SP of Mirzapur stated that they are currently investigating the incident and verifying the claims made by the passengers. "A case of murder has been registered against the driver. We are working to establish the facts," he said.


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