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Rahul Gandhi Supports India's Position on Ukraine during US Visit

June 02, 2023: During his visit to the United States, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed his support for the Indian government's stance on the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine. Gandhi, while addressing an audience at Stanford University in California, emphasized the need for a robust democratic vision to counter China's non-democratic approach. He called for collaboration between India and the US to establish a new system of production and manufacturing.

Rahul Gandhi at Stanford University
Rahul Gandhi at Stanford University (Courtesy: Twitter)

Gandhi clarified that his international engagements were not intended to seek support for India's internal political battles, countering criticism from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He firmly supported India's position on the Ukraine war, acknowledging the country's historical ties and dependencies with Russia. Gandhi highlighted the importance of protecting India's interests while maintaining relationships with a diverse range of countries, given India's size and global role.

Reflecting on his political journey, Gandhi expressed his desire to engage with young students from India, asserting his right to do so. He questioned why the Prime Minister does not follow a similar approach and engage with the Indian diaspora abroad.

Addressing the competition between the US and China, Gandhi emphasized the necessity of a democratic vision in response to China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He emphasized the challenge of competing with China's production engine and called for collaboration between India and the US to develop a democratic system of production.

Gandhi acknowledged the strained relationship between India and China, stating that India cannot be pushed around, and that the occupation of Indian territory by China is unacceptable.

Additionally, Gandhi discussed the challenges faced by democracies, including wealth concentration, growing inequality, and the struggle to adapt to technological advancements and social media. He highlighted the need for democracies to address the asymmetry of information caused by social media, which paradoxically hinders meaningful conversation.

During his visit to Silicon Valley, Gandhi visited Plug and Play, a tech incubator, where he emphasized the importance of a decentralized ecosystem for technology. He also raised concerns about potential phone tapping, making a lighthearted reference to the Pegasus spyware revelations and humorously addressing the Indian Prime Minister.

Rahul Gandhi's visit to the US aimed to engage with various stakeholders, including think tanks, the Indian diaspora, and the press, to discuss crucial global issues and explore opportunities for collaboration between India and the US.


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