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Seven Dead in Lightning Strikes in West Bengal's Malda

Malda, West Bengal - In a devastating incident on Wednesday afternoon, seven individuals, including three children and two women, fell victim to lightning strikes in the district of Malda.


Among the deceased were Soumit Mandal (11) and Esha Sarkar (9), two primary school students who were tragically struck by lightning while on their way home. The incident occurred in the village of Mothabari, which was the worst affected area, reporting four deaths in total.

In addition to the fatalities, the lightning strikes also caused injuries to several others. A total of 25 individuals, including eight school students, were rushed to the hospital after thunder struck their school campus. The injured are currently receiving medical treatment, and their condition is being closely monitored.

The victims of this tragic event include Nazrul Sk (32) from Babla village, who was struck by lightning while working in a mango orchard. Robizan Biwi (54) from Mothabari lost her life while toiling in the fields. Krishna Choudhury (65) from Muchia village, who was in his orchard at the time, also succumbed to the lightning strike. Ummey Kulsum (6) from Kaliachak suffered a fatal strike while enjoying a mango near her house during the storm. Deboshree Mandal (27) from Baishnabnagar was another unfortunate victim of the lightning.

District magistrate Nitin Singhania expressed his condolences and assured that necessary assistance is being provided to the affected families. Compensation ex-gratia for the victims is currently being processed.

The incident also caused panic at Bangitola High School, where a loud thunderclap struck the field with lightning. Eight students, who were inside the school building at the time, lost consciousness due to the intense sound. They were immediately rushed to the hospital and are currently under medical care.


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