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Shocking Crime in Mangaluru: Shop Owner Sets Worker Ablaze, Attempts to Cover it up as Electrocution


Mangalore, July 09: In Mangaluru's Mulihithlu, a shocking incident unfolded when a man purportedly committed murder by setting ablaze a laborer who was working under him at his grocery shop on Saturday. The accused later attempted to deceive others by falsely claiming that the victim had been electrocuted. The deceased, identified as Gajnana alias Jagu, tragically lost his life in this gruesome act.

Commissioner of Police Kuldeep Kumar R Jain provided details about the incident, stating that the accused, Tausif Hussain, allegedly killed Gajnana over a trivial matter. Tausif set the victim on fire and subsequently tried to cover up the crime by spreading the false narrative that Gajnana had been electrocuted. He went as far as informing people in the vicinity that Gajnana had been rushed to Wenlock Hospital for medical treatment. However, upon examination by doctors, Gajnana was pronounced dead.

The police, following an extensive inquiry involving the local community, arrested Tausif Hussain as the prime suspect in connection with the murder. The Mangaluru South police took charge of the investigation, ultimately confirming that the incident was indeed a deliberate act of murder.

A case has been registered against Tausif Hussain.


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