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Tamil Nadu BJP State Secretary SG Surya Arrested by Madurai District Cyber Crime Police

17th June 2023, Chennai - In a significant development, SG Surya, the state secretary of the Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has been apprehended by the Madurai district cyber crime police in Chennai. Surya's arrest stems from a recent tweet he made regarding Madurai MP Su Venkatesan, as per police officials.

sg surya

The arrest of SG Surya has ignited a wave of controversy and garnered attention from various circles. K Annamalai, the President of Tamil Nadu BJP, has strongly criticized the arrest, denouncing it as highly condemnable. Annamalai took to Twitter to express his disapproval, stating, "The arrest of BJP state secretary SG Surya is highly condemnable. His only mistake was to expose the nasty double standards of the communists, allies of DMK...These arrests will not deter us & we will continue to be bearers of the uncomfortable truth."

While the exact details of Surya's tweet and the charges against him have not been disclosed, sources indicate that the Madurai district cyber crime police considered the tweet as the grounds for his arrest. The tweet reportedly contained critical remarks targeting the opposition party, particularly highlighting the silence of Madurai MP Su Venkatesan, who belongs to the Communist Party, on certain issues.

Last night, around 11:15 PM, police officials took him into custody at his residence in Chennai and subsequently transported him to Madurai for further legal proceedings.

In response to the news of SG Surya's arrest, more than 50 BJP members, including party workers, staged a protest in front of the BJP office in Coimbatore. The demonstration caused minor disturbances in the area as protesters voiced their dissent and demanded the release of their party leader.


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