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Greece in Crisis: 30,000 Evacuated as Wildfires Ravage Island, 2,000 Rescued from Beaches

forest burning

ATHENS - In a race against raging wildfires threatening the Greek island of Rhodes, officials reported on Saturday that they successfully evacuated around 30,000 people, with 2,000 of them rescued from beaches by ferries. The situation has prompted an urgent and massive operation to ensure the safety of tourists and locals alike.

In the face of the growing inferno, authorities coordinated efforts to transport those in danger to designated safe zones, including gyms, schools, and hotel conference centers. These locations were prepared to accommodate evacuees overnight while firefighters tirelessly fought to contain and extinguish the spreading flames.

George Hadjimarkos, the regional governor of the South Aegean, informed Skai television that the evacuation operation was still underway but has faced challenges due to roads being blocked by the encroaching fires.

The magnitude of the situation demanded a joint response, with members of the coastguard, armed forces, and local authority workers stepping in to assist in the evacuation process. Dozens of buses were utilized to transport people away from the immediate danger zones.

As the situation remains critical, emergency services and authorities continue to work tirelessly to safeguard lives and control the wildfires, which have posed a significant threat to the island's residents and visitors.

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