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TMC Worker Fatally Shot in West Bengal, Political Tensions Rise

Kolkata: The Basanti area of West Bengal was engulfed in tension after Jiarul Mulla, a Trinamool Congress (TMC) worker, was shot and killed on Saturday night. Mulla sustained two gunshot wounds, one to the back of his head and another near his abdomen, which proved fatal. Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, he could not be saved.


The incident has reignited tensions between the TMC and BJP, with both parties blaming each other for the crime. The TMC alleges that BJP workers attacked Jiarul Mulla, while the saffron camp claims that internal disputes within the TMC led to the party worker's death.

"This is an extremely unfortunate incident. He was a respectable member of the TMC for a long time. The Basanti police have taken up the case and will conduct a thorough investigation. We urge the police to expedite the probe and bring the culprits to justice," expressed a TMC leader.

A BJP leader responded, "The murder of the TMC worker is not politically motivated. It seems some miscreants arrived late at night and committed the crime. This is a tragic event, and we strongly condemn it. I have urged the Superintendent of Police to investigate the matter and uncover the truth behind this incident."

The son of the deceased worker claimed that his father had received threatening phone calls. Consequently, the police force has been deployed in the area to maintain peace and order.

"My father had many enemies, and he faced political enmity. He was repeatedly threatened by a rival faction within the party. He received threatening calls from different numbers. My father was a member of the TMC youth wing, and they pressured him to join their faction," revealed the grieving son.

The police assured that a thorough investigation will be conducted into the matter. "We received information around 10 p.m. that a person was lying on the road. We immediately rushed to the scene and took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. We have requested the family to file an FIR, and after that, we will conduct a detailed investigation," stated the police.


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