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Tushar Mehta Reappointed as India's Solicitor General, Alongside Other Law Officers

June 30, 2023: In a recent development, Senior advocate Tushar Mehta has been re-appointed as the Solicitor General of India for a duration of three years. This marks his third term as the Solicitor General, following his initial appointment on October 10, 2018.

Tushar Mehta

The Department of Personnel and Training issued an order confirming the re-appointment of six Additional Solicitors General for the Supreme Court, along with Mehta. These law officers will serve a three-year tenure. The re-appointed Additional Solicitors General for the Supreme Court are Vikramjit Banerjee, K M Nataraj, Balbir Singh, S V Raju, N Venkataraman, and Aishwarya Bhati.

However, the names of Additional Solicitors General Madhavi Goradia Divan and Sanjay Jain, whose tenures came to an end, were not included in the list of re-appointed law officers. Additionally, Jayant K Sud, another Additional Solicitor General, also did not feature in the re-appointment list as his tenure concluded on Thursday.

Moreover, several Additional Solicitors General for various High Courts were also re-appointed for a term of three years. Chetan Sharma will continue to serve for the Delhi High Court, Satya Pal Jain for the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Devang Girish Vyas for the Gujarat High Court, and Krishna Nandan Singh for the Patna High Court.


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