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Two Chinese Nationals Arrested in Bihar for Illegal Entry into India

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Two Chinese nationals were apprehended in Bihar's East Champaran district on suspicion of illegally entering India from Nepal without valid documents, according to officials on Sunday.

The arrests took place on Saturday night at the Raxaul border outpost, where Assistant Foreigner Regional Registration Officer, SK Singh, was present.

During questioning, the individuals identified themselves as Zhao Jing and Fu Con from Jaoxing province in China.

Authorities discovered that they lacked proper travel documents and asserted that they had left their passports at a hotel in Birganj, just across the border, where they had stayed the previous night.

The Chinese nationals had arrived at the border via an autorickshaw and attempted to cross over on foot, as revealed by Singh.

Interestingly, this was not their first attempt to enter Indian territory without valid documents. On July 2, they had made a similar endeavor and claimed it was unintentional. However, at that time, they were released after their passports were stamped with an "entry refused" mark.

Due to their repeated attempts to enter the area without proper documentation, authorities grew suspicious and subsequently handed them over to the local police for further investigation and appropriate action.


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