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UAE Astronaut Captures Stunning Images of Cyclone Biparjoy from Space

June 16, 2023 : Astronaut Sultan Al-Neyadi from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has managed to capture incredible pictures and a video of Cyclone Biparjoy forming in the Arabian Sea while aboard the International Space Station. The awe-inspiring images reveal the immense scale of the cyclone, which is expected to make landfall in Gujarat on June 15.

Al-Neyadi took to Twitter to share his experience, stating, "The ISS provides a unique perspective on several natural phenomena, which can assist experts on Earth in weather monitoring." His four-minute video showcases the cyclone's development after passing over the UAE and Oman in the Arabian Peninsula, featuring vast cloud formations resembling thunderstorms as he attempts to focus on the eye of the storm.

Additionally, Al-Neyadi posted several photographs from the space station, vividly displaying the massive cyclone approaching the Gujarat coast.

This notable astronaut gained recognition as the first Arab to undertake a spacewalk during Expedition 69, where he ventured out of the International Space Station (ISS) and successfully completed his spacewalk in April.


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