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UNGA Chief Acknowledges India's Rising Prominence in UNSC

UNGA chief with PM Modi

Date: June 20, 2023:

In an exclusive interview with ANI, the President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Csaba Korosi, emphasized that there is a prevailing belief among member states of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) regarding the need for enhanced representation within the council. This includes countries that bear greater responsibilities for promoting peace and ensuring the well-being of their people. India has been recognized as one of the nations capable of making significant contributions to the global well-being.

Korosi acknowledged the historical context, noting that when the UNSC was initially formed, India did not occupy a prominent position. However, he underscored the necessity for reform within the council. The ongoing process of discussing and negotiating reform has persisted for over 13 years, with initial discussions commencing more than four decades ago. The responsibility for initiating reform lies squarely in the hands of the member states, who must strive to reach a consensus on various aspects, such as working methods, membership, permanent members, the right to veto, and the relationship between the Security Council and other bodies of the United Nations.

Korosi specifically highlighted India's active advocacy for the early reform of the Security Council, recognizing India as one of the most engaged and vocal proponents. He lauded India's potential as a rising global power, with a burgeoning population, robust economy, and remarkable advancements in science and technology.

During his interview, Korosi reminisced about his recent meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi, expressing deep admiration for Modi's visionary leadership, strategic thinking, and profound understanding of India's rich traditions. He warmly welcomed Modi as a highly respected world leader and emphasized India's significant stature as one of the largest countries globally.


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