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Vice President Urges Timely Implementation of Uniform Civil Code

vice president of india in a lecture

Speaking at the 25th convocation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar emphasized the importance of not delaying the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). He stated that the UCC would strengthen India and foster national unity, expressing his surprise at the opposition it has faced.

Dhankar highlighted the need to take action on Article 44, which pertains to the UCC in the country, and expressed his unwavering conviction in its implementation. He drew attention to how BR Ambedkar, while drafting the Constitution, formulated the directive principles of state policy, which subsequently led to the creation of various laws, such as those related to education and local governance.

The vice president stressed the significance of comprehending the underlying importance of implementing the UCC, emphasizing that it would effectively unite the nation and enhance nationalism. He warned against further delays, stating that it would be detrimental to the country's progress.

Responding to Dhankar's remarks, P Sreedharan, former Secretary General of the Lok Sabha, acknowledged the ongoing debate surrounding the UCC. He noted that while the vice president has expressed his opinion on the matter, the fate of the UCC ultimately rests with Parliament.

Dhankar also highlighted India's growing stature in the world and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reception during his visit to the US. He encouraged the graduating students to recognize their increased value in the global arena and emphasized that India's population size and digital prowess make it a leader in human resources and digital transactions.

The vice president cautioned against allowing foreign companies to compromise the country's reputation while acknowledging the benefits of their presence in India's large market. He called for the nurturing of economic nationalism and praised Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for his transformative work in developing the state.

Sarma, in his address at the convocation, expressed his belief that India is on a trajectory toward becoming a global power in the first three decades of this century, building upon the momentum of the independence movement in the previous century.


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