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Video Exposes Threats to Hindu Family in West Bengal by ISF and CPI(M) Workers

July 02, 2023: In a disturbing video that has surfaced, purportedly from a rural area in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, workers affiliated with the Islamic party 'Indian Secular Front (ISF)' and the Communist party CPI(M) can be seen threatening a Hindu family.

video clip

The video captures a distressing scene where ISF and CPI(M) workers confront the Hindu family, issuing threats and making alarming statements. They explicitly warn the family, stating, "If you don't vote for us or engage in any deceitful tactics, I'll tie you." This incident has drawn attention to concerns regarding the alleged collaboration between left-wing and Islamic factions.

The authenticity and location of the video are yet to be independently verified. However, its emergence has ignited discussions about the prevailing political environment in West Bengal and the potential implications of such acts of intimidation.

Critics argue that such tactics undermine the democratic values of free and fair elections, raising questions about the security and integrity of the electoral process. As the state gears up for upcoming elections, incidents like these add to the existing tensions and anxieties surrounding the political landscape.


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