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Viral Video: Army Jawan Alleges Wife Stripped, Beaten by 120 Men; Police Call Claims Exaggerated

Date: June 12, 2023

A disturbing video circulating on social media has captured the attention of viewers, showing an Army Jawan claiming that his wife was subjected to a harrowing ordeal in Tamil Nadu. The video was shared by Lt Col N Thiagarajan, a retired Army officer, and features Havildar Prabhakaran, an Army jawan currently stationed in Kashmir. Prabhakaran alleges in the video that his wife, who operates a shop in Tamil Nadu, was brutally attacked by a mob of over 100 men, stripped partially naked, and witnessed her shop being vandalized in Thiruvannamalai district.

According to Prabhakaran's account in the video, he has filed a complaint with the Superintendent of Police (SP), who has assured him that appropriate action will be taken. In the video, Prabhakaran pleads for assistance from the Director General of Police (DGP), seeking help for his family who have been threatened and assaulted with knives.

However, the Kandhavasal Police, which conducted a preliminary investigation into the incident, has released a statement stating that the incident has been exaggerated. Media reports indicate that a scuffle broke out between the jawan's wife and the men over a land lease dispute. Allegedly, the woman operates a shop on land leased by the Renugambal temple. The police have clarified that an agreement was reached in February for the return of the land in exchange for payment, but the jawan's wife and her mother refused to vacate the land, leading to the confrontation.

Contrary to the Army jawan's claims, the police maintain that the women were not physically attacked. Instead, they suggest that a brawl ensued inside the shop between the shop owners and a person supported by the gathered crowd due to monetary issues. The police report further reveals that while Prabhakaran's wife was admitted to a hospital after the altercation, her injuries were not as severe as described in the initial report.

In response to the incident, K Annamalai, the BJP Tamil Nadu chief, expressed his concern and stated that he had spoken with Havildar Prabhakaran and his wife, assuring them of support. He shared his disappointment on Twitter, saying he felt ashamed that such an incident had occurred on Tamil soil and that party representatives were rushing to attend to the family in the hospital in Vellore.


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