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Watch Video: Under Construction Bridge Collapses in Bihar's Bhagalpur

Date: June 4, 2023

An under-construction bridge in Bhagalpur, Bihar, collapsed on Sunday, June 4, with the entire incident captured on camera. The footage shows two sections of the bridge collapsing sequentially. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported thus far. The Aguwani Sultanganj Ganga bridge, being built in Khagaria, Bihar, had an estimated cost of Rs 1,717 crore.

Bihar Bridge Collapse

The collapse occurred at approximately 6 pm on Sunday. Bihar's Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, has ordered an investigation into the incident and demanded that those responsible for the collapse be identified. The 'Pul Nirman Nigam' has been tasked with providing a report on the incident.

Reports suggest that a section measuring around 3 feet of the bridge fell into the Ganga River below. The bridge had previously suffered some damage in April due to a severe storm.

The collapsed portion of the bridge was being constructed over the river Ganges, connecting Khagaria, Aguwani, and Sultanganj. It is worth noting that a portion of this bridge had also collapsed two years ago.

BJP Criticizes Nitish Kumar Over Bridge Collapse

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) strongly criticized Bihar's Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, in light of the bridge collapse. Amit Malviya, a BJP leader, questioned whether Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav would resign from their respective positions as Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister.

"In 2015, Nitish Kumar inaugurated this bridge, which was supposed to be completed by 2020. This bridge has now collapsed for the second time. Will Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav resign immediately, taking responsibility for this incident? By doing so, both the uncle and nephew can set an example for the country," Malviya tweeted.

In response to the bridge collapse, Bihar's Leader of Opposition, Vijay Kumar Sinha, criticized the Nitish Kumar-led government. He stated, "There's a tradition of seeking commissions. It is a consequence of his mentality of political instability that there's administrative anarchy and corruption. The system is collapsing, but they are talking about opposition unity."

Previous Bridge Collapses in Bihar

In December 2022, a section of a bridge constructed over the Burhi Gandak river in Begusarai, Bihar, had collapsed. The bridge had developed cracks, leading to the collapse of pillars 2 and 3.

A month earlier, in November, a laborer died and another was injured when an under-construction bridge in CM Nitish Kumar's Nalanda district collapsed. Similar incidents of bridge collapses occurred in Kishanganj and Saharsa districts before their inauguration.


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