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WhatsApp New Update: Fresh Look, Secure Chats, and More!

WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update specifically designed for Android users. This update includes a revamped layout for tabs such as Chats, Calls, and more on the main page. Additionally, new features like Chat Lock, WearOS support, and enhanced tools for Status have been added.

The company aims to improve user experience with these updates. Although the rollout of these features is gradual, they will eventually be available to all Android users. Let's take a closer look at the details of the update.

whatsapp in mobile

WhatsApp's New Update for Android Users: What's Included

1. Redesigned Layout: The main WhatsApp window now features a refreshed layout, showcasing tabs like Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status at the bottom of the page. This layout change makes it easier for users to access different tabs, especially on devices with larger screens. This layout resembles the interface already used by iOS users and is now being introduced to Android beta users.

2. Chat Lock: One of the notable additions in this update is the Chat Lock feature. Users now have the option to add a fingerprint lock to their private chats, ensuring that they remain hidden from prying eyes. By going to a person's profile, scrolling down, and enabling the Chat Lock feature, users can secure their confidential conversations.

3. WearOS Support: WhatsApp has also extended support to WearOS smartwatches. Users of devices like Fossil Gen 6 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can now conveniently access the messaging app directly from their wearable devices.

4. Enhanced Disappearing Messages: Android users now have the ability to save important messages when using the Disappearing Messages feature. By pressing and selecting "keep" on a specific message, users can permanently save it, while the rest of the text will still disappear after a designated time period.

5. Improved Status Tools: WhatsApp has introduced new text overlay tools for Status, including updated fonts and background colors. These tools allow users to customize their Status updates more creatively.

6. GIFs Improvement: With the update, GIFs will now play automatically upon receipt, eliminating the need to tap on them manually. This small improvement enhances the user experience by making GIFs more convenient to view within WhatsApp chats.


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