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World is curious regarding India's thoughts: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the world's curiosity regarding India's thoughts in his statement on Thursday.

Following his visit to three nations, PM Modi returned to Delhi in the morning and delivered a speech to his supporters who had gathered to welcome him. He responded to their queries about India's vaccine distribution to the world by highlighting the country's compassionate nature, rooted in the legacies of Buddha and Gandhi. He conveyed, as quoted by news agency ANI, "The people here asked me why I gave the vaccines to the world. I want to say that this is the land of Buddha and Gandhi. We care even for our enemies... Today the world wants to know what India is thinking."

During an Indian diaspora event in Sydney, the Prime Minister commended the "atmosphere of democracy" and took note of the participation of not only the Australian Prime Minister and ruling party leaders but also a former prime minister and opposition members.

These remarks were made in the context of 20 opposition parties boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building. They expressed their belief that the government had "sidelined" President Droupadi Murmu and disrespected the esteemed position of the President. However, PM Modi did not directly address this matter in his speech.

PM Modi expressed confidence in discussing the culture of his country while maintaining eye contact with the world. He attributed this confidence to the fact that the people of India played a significant role in forming a government with an absolute majority. He added, "Those who have come here are people who love India, not PM Modi."

Regarding the release of the Tok Pisin translation of the book 'Thirukkural' in Papua New Guinea, PM Modi emphasized the significance of the Tamil language, stating that it belongs to every Indian and is the world's oldest language. He expressed his privilege in unveiling the Tok Pisin translation of the book 'Thirukkural' in Papua New Guinea.


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